Humbucker sized P90s Recommendations

I have an old beater guitar I'm thinking of fixing up. I would like to try something a little different and put some humbucker sized P90s in it. Anyone have and recommendations?


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Wilde Custom L609. I put two of these in a 335 copy and they are terrific, versatile, quiet.


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Duncan Phat Cat P90'S or Dimarzio Bluesbuckers. Can't go wrong with either. I personally have and can attest to both. Let me know if you want clips (PM).

Bob Savage

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Enjolras56":s3zkbsyp said:
Arcane PX-100. Killer pickup. Bob Savage can attest to this as well!

This... From clean to mean. I used them in the studio over the weekend to record all of my rhythm tracks for a thrash album I'm playing on. Superb pups.


Bob Savage

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The Traveller":txj9lfcp said:
Awesome! Thanks for all the recommendations guys. I'm going to look into the BK Mississippi Queen and the PX-100.

Just a point of reference on the PX-100 with some gain:

Edit: Sorry, one more thing to say. While I don't think most people buy p90's for high gain tones, I used my Felix guitar in the studio over the weekend to record rhythm tracks for a thrash metal album and the PX-100's sounded glorious. I was going through my TC Electronics Booster+ into the Fryette Deliverance 60 and Diezel VH4. It was massive.