I have to say, there are very few amps that cure the constant search...


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I have to admit, ever since I have gotten my MC II, I've unloaded gear. Do I still look for deals ?, Yes I do, and am always curious. But that "yearning" for something else cool or whatever is completely gone. Literally rocking the MC II, and a Mesa JP2C for the lower mid spikey "C+" tones etc.

I don't really crave anything marshall upper mid wise in sound, the Wizard does it all for me.

I actually am finding myself looking at possibly snagging one really nice guitar and shifting ... anyone else do this as well?
Yeah. I was looking for a vintage marshall for a bit. And then i played a few. Then I heard a guy play my amp that plays more classic rock. I will be damned if my amp didn't marshall 10x better than a fucking marshall. I guess i just needed to play simple little acoustic chords. Lmao.


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My MTL and early Uber do that for me.

there was something about the MLT just not right to me.. sounded a bit dead and wasn't quite in your face enough... changed pre amp tubes and WOW.. there it was 👍


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I piddled for years; this and that; good amps but never pulled the trigger… finally I think I found the perfect sound (for me:) I finally said: I’m buying it. SLO 100 as dry and axe FX/Mesa stereo power amp… I now find myself playing for hours now where as I used to not play much at all.. there is something to my sound/tone/feel? That pushes me to do more. I still look. That damn charvel guitar that went for nothing earlier today; I needed that like a hole in my head but…. It’s worth looking at. I guess. Do I need a Caswell/soldano? Yeah. Why? I want one. Will it be better than I have now? Idk. Keep searching or you become stagnant.


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I had that with my VH4 and BE100 Deluxe, only thing i'd still like to add is a wizard, either MCii or MTL


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I don't really crave anything marshall upper mid wise in sound, the Wizard does it all for me.
I felt that way about all mine (Wizards) when I first got them. I mostly still do.

BUT........time and experience has imparted a certain wisdom to know there are other different, unique, and (useful to me) tones that only other amps will give me.

Which is why I hang onto my vintage Mesas, my Matchless, vintage SLO's, and finally my Friedmans.

They are all unique and great in their own special ways.

So I keep all of them.


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I would say my MC I has become a gateway drug. I only own two amps this and a JCM 800 4104 combo and I was completely done until all of a sudden Rick started having new models pop up that I now wanted to try. Now I am hunting a used W800 el34 100 watt.