Just chipped my favorite guitar.


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Here's the dent sad 👀


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I had a V come off the hanger straight down on the wings.

Moral of the story is find a luthier who is great and you won't even notice the difference.

Your guitar now has character.

It happens. Again this is the reason to find the best luthier you can.

Also when you do you keep going back to them to set up or sort out your guitar properly.

They can turn Epiphones into near Gibson quality guitars.


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That sucks. Three schools of thought. Try to repair it. Who cares it adds character. Or sell it immediately. You can probably do a pretty good job gluing the chip back in. I like Loctite superglue. Only use a very small amount so it does not come out of the edges. Then you can carefully add a tiny amount to the edges.
You will get a few good shots at light sanding before you would go through the surrounding finish. After sanding, guitar scratch remover is the best for finishing it off. Blue and red. I have done a bunch of small repairs removing dings and scratches. I have had success on many guitars and only made things worse twice. It is easy to make a mess though. I am in the repair it camp. If I make a mess, then I sell it lol


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Here's the dent sad 👀
If you want to tackle this yourself, check with Stew Mac. They sell a super thin, watery super glue with an ultra thin extended tip that is way, way easier to control than the grocery store stuff - which is noticeably thicker (goopier) and has too generous a dispenser tip. Test fit the chip. Make sure you have it lined up like a puzzle piece so the irregular edges match all the way around. Put a tiny ball of modeling clay on the back of the chip and stab a toothpick in it so you can easily lift and replace the chip with the toothpick rather than you fingers. The soft modeling clay will easily ‘let go’ of the toothpick once the super glue sets. Carefully lift the paint chip with the toothpick, flow a SMALL amt of fine super glue under it. Gently replace the chip in the correct ‘puzzle piece’ position with the toothpick. Hold it still for 30 sec. lift the toothpick out of the wad of modeling clay. Leave it alone for 3-5 min before removing the wad of clay.

Once it’s solid, you can decide how much careful 3000 grit sanding and/or polishing you want to do around the edges.


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Those 4 ESP Strats are hands down the coolest guitars I have ever seen. Killer, killer vibe.
Thank you. I built all of the guitars pictured over the last 6 months or so as a hobby. Had some ESP logo's laying around and always loved the look of the Japan ESP Strat's as you don't see those very often.


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Yes I have the chip what kind of super glue do you suggest?
I'd suggest a slow curing crazy glue and you would need to clean the area so the chip will fit perfectly with no raised edges. You would need to tape off as closely as possible the area near the chip and wrap the entire guitar in plastic. The fumes from using crazy glue will create white spots... so you would want to use as little as possible, yet enough to make a solid repair. Wrapping the entire guitar prevents you from grabbing the guitar with some errant glue on your fingers causing another issue.

Stew Mac sells slow acting crazy glue along with super small tips so you can deliver the glue to the exact area.

I'd suggest if you aren't sure about any of this, to take it to someone who can do it.


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FWIW, I recently had to do the super glue + powder trick on a nut and found that the thicker stuff is NOT what you want there. Gorilla glue brand was the thick stuff I had. So I went and searched and found that the original Krazy Glue (IIRC) was the thin stuff I needed. Cheaper too not that that mattered.

Just don't use too much so that it squeezes out. That's one of the worst things you could do.


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I hit a big tire tread on the freeway last night and messed up my front end on my car. Now going to get an estimate this AM. Probably cost me 2k to fix. I was going to buy a new LP. Sucks too. Sorry to hijack thread - I am mad at myself