Minimix II / G major 2 question


New member
I use midi cc #7 on my gmajor 2 to control the (global volume in) parameter on my g major 2 as I don't like the tone suck that analogue volume pedals introduce in my signal path before the amp. This midi volume control is only possible with a series effects loop with the tc set to kill dry on. Can the minimix 2 still allow for me to use the cc command #7 via my expression pedal for volume control and utilize the minimix to go from 0 volume to full volume including fx? When using my minimix now (with the tc set to kill dry off) the cc volume control only turns the effects up or down and not the amps volume. I now have a parallel loop with the minimix but no way to control the amps volume without an old school volume pedal in my signal chain. Is there a workaround to control volume via midi still? I wish my g major 2 allowed for per preset kill dry on/off. Unfortunately it is global only. I really dont want to send a cable from my tc send to an analogue pedal in then to my amp return either. Any insight is appreciated. Maybe I am missing something obvious to others?