NGD: Suhr Custom Classic T


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Yesterday, I received the Suhr Custom Classic T I ordered.

It's a partial twin to the Classic S I ordered last year. Thin skin, jumbo stainless, vintage c medium on a roasted maple neck, rosewood, JS sig on the headstock, traditional bridge, bucker route hidden where you'd expect it, etc. Main differences being the T is Ash with 9-12" radius, the S is Alder with 10-14" radius.

All sorts of "right" in 2 packages. Both guitars have seemingly endless sustain, play like butter and offer the type of tones you'd expect. My favorite thing is both guitars have some punch to them. They sound massive and literally ring like pianos. Again, it usually takes me a minute to feel like a new guitar is "mine" but the S-style was the fastest I've bonded with a guitar since my EBMM Axis in 2001. The Tele shares all the same attributes and I feel totally comfortable on it already. In other words- instruments in every sense of the word. Very thankful.







Late to this, but beautiful guitars. I've pondered another build (my first is/was a HSS Classic in Inca Silver). If I build another, it's likely going to be a double-bound Tele. Also good on you for getting it routed for a humbucker. I had my HSS routed HSH for flexibility, and if I get a Tele I'd ask for it to be routed to either take a 'bucker or a P-90.

Beautiful guitar.