"Popular" Diezel users - past and present

Kev":yvflnaby said:
Tom Thacker, (new) leadguitar Sum 41, plays the HERBERT live.

u can see it very good at 4:21:


Lol, I was talking to Tom after a show a year or two ago and I asked about his diezel...(his amp is off to the side of the stage and not facing the crowd) I couldn't tell what model it was. He didn't even know it was a Diezel. He told me it belonged to Deryck.
My name is Vassilis Kourkoutas and I am the guitarist from the band Valor and I am also a Diezel user (Herbert + Einstein)


Our 3rd cd " The Yonder Answer " will be available on the 5th of march from Pitch Black records

It is full of Diezel vibe
+1 to the list

13strigoi":6wnvmfh9 said:
Used to be a Sonic Syndicate fan, then their singers left and created The Unguided which is much better imo, and in the new video I spy a Herbie! :rock:

That's actually my Herbert ;)
I´m in another band that Roland had before both Sonic Syndicate and The Unguided, called DODGE =)
We´re both on Spotify and iTunes :rock:
I dunno if it was Rivers Cuomo from Weezer must have some Kinda Diezel as I saw them a year or 2 ago somewhere at a festival. But at least the other bloke (Scott Shriner?) from Weezer must use them since here he is with his "Wiezel"... :LOL: :LOL:


Also Secret Machines at least used to use a VH4 I'm guessing as one of the first things I noticed about the first album of theirs I heard was the drawing of a VH4 on the front...

Apparently based of that EHX website photo that Weezer bloke is the bassist showing of his EHX pedal, but that VH4 definitely belongs to someone in Weezer, so whoever posted Rivers Cuomos uses one was probably right. :)
I saw Sikth live at the Euroblast Festival in Cologne yesterday, and both Pin and Dan used Herberts.
It looked like Pin had a front- and a Dan a rearloaded cabinet, but I´m not too sure about that.

No pics, sorry.
don't know if he counts as a player, but i saw Johnny Depp playing through a Diezel rig when he played with Marilyn Manson in la last halloween.
I think Mark Tremonti had a VH4 he was using in the studio and live for a bit with Creed back in the day?! Using it along with his Triple Rects.


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