"Popular" Diezel users - past and present


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On sunday I saw Dark Tranquillity and one of their guitarists used a Herbert :thumbsup:

Sorry, no pics. I was there to enjoy the music :rock:


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The young guns playin´ VH4. Saw them yesterday at luxembourg supporting Danko Jones. The only thing that I don´t know is if it´s John or Fraser Tylor who is playing the diezel. :doh:

Ben Hur

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hiya guys,

thought i'd chime on on mark tremonti.....last interview i read he was still a mesa triple rec/bogner guy, but using the Herbert selectively in the studio to layer on his heavier stuff

Rob Tahan

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True. I actually played through his rig last month.
He said the diezel was "too bright for him". I was like "bright"?! Especially after playing his Bogner rig I wanted to be like dude, have you HEARD your Bogner rig? It's like icepicks in the ear. All you gotta do is a little tweakage. Miles rig is sick though..! And Modded ;) Very warm in my opinion. Great tone for what he's doing.


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I was just listening to an interview with the producer of Avenged sevenfolds latest album Nightmare, and he said that on the album mainly Bogner Uberschalls were used but they did use his Diezel (not sure of the model) for a few tracks in it, as well as some Marshalls.


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From the Mastodon site, recording the new record. My guess is Brent is using it.


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I saw Deftones 2 nights ago and Jeff Tuttle from Dillinger Escape Plan was using a Herbert.
Seemed like they got opening band treatment with the PA though.. or he made the amp sound bad. haha


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Rødskjegg":18hk316h said:
From the Mastodon site, recording the new record. My guess is Brent is using it.

...and here is a bunch of pictures of Mastodon live at T-Mobile In Music Festival Zagreb, Croatia, June 2011.

http://s58.photobucket.com/albums/g249/bbozak/Mastodon inmusic 2011/

edit: forgot to mention, during their whole set, Brent's VH4 was on Channel 3 :rock:
bill's herbert wasn't facing the crowd so i cannot tell was he switching the channels.


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Dave O'Rourke from the band 2 Cents uses a Herbert. I knew he had a Diezel cab (not sure what kind)

last time I ran into those guys when they were back from tour doing a hometown show I asked him which head he used. It was off to the side of the stage in a rack case so I didn't see it. But he said he uses a Herbert.


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Ventura":jr535t9x said:
I commend Trent Reznor for his non-establishment approach to fan-base/worldly success and music dissemination as of late.

Internet all the way - screw the suits at the companies! :rock:


He also deserves to be included on the list...



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Billy Corgan's 3x Herbert rack. He's not using mid-cut for his high gain tones anymore. Seems like he just uses it for cleans.




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Used to be a Sonic Syndicate fan, then their singers left and created The Unguided which is much better imo, and in the new video I spy a Herbie! :rock: