"Popular" Diezel users - past and present

Hmmm... it'd be cool to have a way to differentiate Diezel users... for example, those who are Diezel exclusive could be in BOLD, more casual users who merely include Diezel in an arsenal of amps would be normal font... However this does make a lot of cases problematic... Would you consider Hetfield exclusive, for example? He does use Triaxes still, however I definately wouldn't call him a "casual" user of Diezel... hmmm... Also actually dividing the list into categories based on whether they're current or former Diezel users would help keep things organized and identifiable... Okay now we're talking a more involved database project though... Just putting my thoughts out there, though.
Yesterday I had the chance to see Antonio Bernardini (BERNI) live in concert with his band Sôber, and of course, i sit just in front of his Herberts, and what an STUNNING sound!!!



Congrats BERNI!! and keep rocking!!!!!! :rock: :rock: :rock:
BERNI":8coan3ao said:
thanks raultx!

yesterday played in rock in rio....with metallica and motorhead...was a dream day.
here´s a link with the diezels kicking some ass!!!

hope you like it!!

I saw it on TV... it was AWESOME!!!!
Did you have the chance to meet Metallica or Motorhead? James Hetfield was attending your show for a while.. wow! :rock:

Congrats again BERNI!!! Your band's return has been great!!!
You´re right...
I got the chance to make a visit on stage during their concert Sunday evening. This is exactly what I´ve seen....and exactly what I´ve heard...awesome! Like Ian´s playing, it amazes me everytime I hear or see! :rock: