Punch - 2204 vs MC2


I’m comparing my 2020 50 watt MC2 vs my stock 1983 2204.

Id say they are very close in terms of punchiness. Love both amps; always return to the 2204.

With volume past 9:00 on both amps none of the stock 2204s I've owned had not nearly as much punch as my MC-1 50w.
Even with an OD in front of them, it still could not get my MC-1.
Now, my Cameron modded 2204 it's a whole different story. This amp, without a boost, punches more than most 100w amps I've heard to this day.
I have a 100 watt, so I need a 2203 to compare. I have never played one, so if someone wants to bring one over, I would very much love to test. Would be interesting to see how much the W800 compares to an actual 800.