This has got to be a first... and an important lesson learned


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So this is a first... even for me. A few weeks ago, I ordered a purple Firefly Bat LP. These don't come up for sale that often and they sell out quickly. Anyway, I ordered one and in the week and a half that it took to come to me, I got GAS and ordered a Harley Benton DC Jr. So I sold the Firefly even before I got it. I got the DC Jr and it was ok, but I started gassing again for a purple Firefly bat. So I sold the Harley Benton and started looking for another purple Firefly. The person that was going to purchase the one I had ordered hadn't picked it up yet. I could have easily told him I didn't want to sell and refund him the partial payment he sent, but that would be dick.

Last night, this Firefly Bat came up for sale and the buyer of the bat I had received picked up the guitar. I drove 3 hours to get this. Luckily, the buyer already oiled the fretboard, did a fret polish and changed the strings.

I got home a short while ago and I'm happy with it! It scratched my LP itch without spending a ton of cash.

Moral of my story... don't be so damn impulsive when buying and selling gear.