What's a good headstock tuner?


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Snark. Cheap and works great.
agreed.. definitely cant go wrong with the Snark headstock tuners. you can get the ones with the pitch frequency... I've got 1 for each of my 3 guitars that stay in the case and get used whenever I am not in front of my big rig with my pedal tuner.


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I prefer the Korg Pitchclip over the Snark. That has been my longest lasting one so far. I'm on my second battery and I haven't broken it yet. I never made it this far on a Snark. They break on the part that holds the ball in the socket, and then they're on their way to being useless.

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Korg and Snark get the job done, and are cheap enough to lose and it not be a big deal.
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How's the TC electronics Polytune? Sweet water has them on sale right now
I love my Polytune 3 pedal tuner and had the first version for years as well. Should be solid. Off to check the sale price now.


Personally prefer the TC Electronic Unitune. Currently $19 USD at Sweetwater. I just picked up about a dozen Unitunes for each of my player guitars.

The Polytune is a great tuner. I used them for years. I just found that I did not use the Poly tuning feature and it sometimes got in the way (I would be doing single string tuning and the poly interface would pop up and interfere with what I was doing).

Either way I don't think you go wrong. But at $19 the Unitune seemed a no-brainer to me
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I’ve got a couple of TC polys because they are marketed as being x more accurate than other clip-ons. They work well, but GGs point about the poly feature occasionally getting in the way is true. Also, they automatically shut off after a certain amt of time. So for live use, find yourself reaching up to turn it on over and over and over. Once I have set the intonation with a good strobe like a Peterson, I find the cheaper clip-ons like the Snark do a fine job of monitoring tune throughout a rehearsal or a show.


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Never used the snark or TC, but been using the Korg Pitchclip for many years now. It's in my live-pedalboard's 'tools section' together with a slide and some picks.
Many times our bassplayer, who even has a 19" Korg racktuner with his amp in a flightcase, asked me to borrow my little Korg Pitchclip.


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ordered a snark and am on the "notify" list for the TC electronics one at Sweetwater , cheap enough to do some experimenting :)


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