What's the Klon clone to get?

Rex Rocker

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I'm all about trying the right boost for the right amp, but I've come to realize that I've never tried a Klon-type.

I love Tube Screamers, SD-1's, and their variants, but have never tried a Klon. Not that I will, but what are the best Klon clones to get?

I'm particularly looking at the Wampler Tumnus Deluxe because it has the EQ, but if you guys say there are some pedals that have more of "the Klon magic", then maybe they're more worth a try.

The TC Electronic Zeus OD looks cool as well. I have a TC Electronic Mocambo that I like better than my actual Ibanez TS808 reiussue, so TC know how to do good affordable clones.

Please keep the prices sensible. I'm not going to spend thousands on an actual Klon.

Thank you!


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I have a bunch of OD and boost pedals. Out of my Klone type clone pedals, I have the Tumnus Deluxe and Steve Stevens Rockaway Archer. I like both but lean a little more on the side of the Tumnus Deluxe because of the hot feature and I like the tone controls vs the graphic eq, however they can be set to sound very similar to my ears when the Tumnus hot feature is set to off position.
I'd like to try the Rimrock and RYRA one's and see the difference. But I really like being able to control the bass because I have a couple different guitars with low tunings.


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Still waiting on my TC Zeus - I've had it pre-ordered for months now :LOL:

Clips of it sound promising!


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I just got a demonfx klon clone last week from aliexpress. Wasn’t expecting much but this pedal is my new favorite. More gain,more sizzle than a ts9. No hum no buzz. Well build.
Metal case. A real foot switch. Metal pots.
I am very impressed.

Fiesta Red

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KTR is my favorite. J. Rocket Archer is pretty good. Decibelics is great, however rare. I do want to try the RYRA and the Mythos Mjolnir.


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Decibelics is best one Ive tried, better than RYRA, (in my opinion), but it’s subjective.
I haven’t tried a lot of the ones you guys are talking of tho…

I have the j rockett silver archer, ehx soul food, RYRA, decibelics golden horse and golden royale. Best of the bunch is the golden royale, but its expensive so it better be lol. Haven't tried the Rimrock yet but I intend to pick one up.


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Haven’t tried the decibelics, but the most convincing ones to me that I’ve had next to my actual Klon centaur silver (no horse) have been the RYRA and Mjolnir. Not in the same league as the real deal, but closest I’ve heard. Sounds like the Decibelics is probably gonna be better than those 2

Tumnus was terrible, worst klone I’ve tried. Sounded like a toy. Soul food wasn’t good either and brittle sounding. Rimrock was ok, but too inorganic/filtered sounding. The KTR also sounded brittle next to the real deal. I’ve tried a few other klones, but can’t remember right now which ones. None of them did it for me, but maybe I’ll try a Decibelics if I can


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Mini too. Helps with pedalboard space and sounds way better than you think for its size.