"Boost" in front of your Nitro?


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hey everyone.. I wanted to see if anyone out there uses any sort of a Boost or pedal in front of their Splawn Nitro. Not so much to boost the gain cause this thing has enough gain for any gain lover, but more to perhaps tighten up the Low end even more, take some of that thump or Thud out of the low end.



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I use to use my
Barber full drive supersport set to TS killer with my last nitro... really
Gave it some teeth and tightened up the bottom end.


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I don't have a Nitro but pretty happy with my Suhr Koko Boost and the Digitech Bad Monkey. The Bad Monkey is a Tube Screamer clone with the added Tone knob. Gain=0 Level=10. Tone to taste. I've seen video comparisons and schematic comparisons showing how the Bad Monkey is 'cleaner' than a TS meaning it colors tone less.

Koko is fun though and very tweakable.
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The Cusack Screamer has worked the best for me in front of my SS' . The Seymour Duncan 805 is really good too


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Never felt the need to put anything in front of my Nitro. I may try the Xotic AC booster in front of my Competition.


I boost the front of my Street Rod with a Wampler Tumnus (Klon clone). Sounds great and has a really good buffer in it that makes a pretty noticeable difference (in a good way) bringing back some high end. I've got quite a bit of cabling going on.

Yeah... I'm a Wampler fanboi! Got an Ethereal too. :cool: