Chicken Pickin Fool!


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Very cool little riff. Since I built a Tele a couple months ago I've been trying to learn stuff like this so I can improve my hybrid picking. I dove straight into Albert Lee's Country Boy...should have picked something easier. :LOL:


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I love players like this and that style. I cannot do it, but it is inspiring to me on some levels. Killer

Donnie B.

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Not learning hybrid picking is my biggest guitar regret.
Not being born in Nashville might be #2.


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This style, lambasted by many a rocker my age, teaches you so much about melody, harmony, and rhythm. It is the "western" bit of old C&W. A fair amount of pre-bop jazz.

Donnie B.

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Read a great story about Jeff Beck. He was recording in Nashville once during a Yardbirds tour and as he
was leaving the studio an old janitor asked him to check out his guitar. By the time he gave it back a few
minutes later Jeff was ready to quit. :ROFLMAO:

EDIT: My memory is going to shit. It was a Ritchie Blackmore interview.
Mentioned in this post from 2001.

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I've got a few killer guitars....every time I pickup my pine Rutters Tele mutt I seriously wonder why I need anything else ?