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anyone done this?

thinking about trying a p90 to tighten up a neck in a prs and also in a start.

i hate neck pickups always too bassy. will the p90's be thinner? Ive never used on before.

should i just go all p90?

Shark Diver

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I do. Love it.




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I did it in an Epiphone LP Gothic. Dimarzio Norton bridge, Bluesbucker neck (essentially a P90 in a humbucker form factor). Sounds amazing--bridge cuts, grinds, and snarls like a Norton should and the Bluesbucker in the neck is fluid, smooth, glassy, and classy.

I also installed a set of Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P - 90's in my Epiphone LP STANDARD. They're drop-in humbucker replacements as well. While the video doesn't specifically highlight the pickups (the review is for the Vintage Modern 2266 Full Stack) you can hear them here:

I never used to be a fan of P90s, but with the Humbucker drop-in replacement parts such as the Seymour Duncan Phat Cats and the Dimarzio Bluesbucker I think it's hard to go wrong.

Hope this helps...


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i would, it's my favourite pickup combo on a guitar, i wouldn't say that it would thin out the tone tho, a nicer tone to my ears in any case

a p90 in the bridge is pretty cool, if you can handle the hum (there are noiseless variants out there too)

there's a few options for Humbucker size P90s, i prefer the full size soapbar ones as they seem to have a little something extra in the frequencies, and look badass too


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I use Häussel P90's in the neckposition in my SG2000's because they sound so much clearer than humbuckers. They also clean up like a champ with a volume rollback.
I did have to tame the highs a bit though but no biggie



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I have this pickup combo in several of my guitars. much prefer neck P90s over neck humbuckers in general.

I don't think they necessarily sound thinner though, but definitely a bit more usable I find.


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The LP BFG came in that configuration. I owned a Reverend Double Agent that had a p90/hum and it was a killer guitar as well.


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Ok cool, so I gather you guys really like it in the neck.

Won't get thinner huh? Any less bass than a humbucker or at least more mids to compensate?

Im pretty sure I'm going to do it, looking at reilander, the creamery and bareknuckle right now at humbucker sized p90 s.