Always looking to see what people are doing with old and new rack gear. I've recently got back to a Tube pre-Amp and my God! What a difference. I was one of those who convinced himself that all these modelers and emulators sound "just like tubes". Guess what. . . . THEY DONT. Once again I have real power and depth to my tone, I missed that . . . a LOT.

"Don't it always seem to go, you don't know what you've got till it's gone. . . ."

Anyway just got all the Pre-Amp Pre Sets where I want them got clean\Hi Gain\Crush-Kill tones and MIDI is set to change all the digital processors and channel patches with a single press of the old foot controller. Once again life is good!

I'm looking to get out of a strictly recording\project based situation and heading back out to the local area stages. Had several auditions so far, just not finding that right gang of dudes (Band), but it'll come. Nice thing is I set this up to use through anything from my Crown PBII\4 Marshall 800 B cabs to a 2X12" combo amp.

Lets see what you guys are using! ! ! ! !


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Update! After a few months and a lot of help from some on-line pals, I've converted the rig to a W\D\W set up and added a slew of new processors and amps.

Rack Rig 6.0. . .


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Can I play even if I don't have an actual rack :LOL: :LOL:

After searching for about 15 years I finally scored this ultra rare preamp a few weeks ago. I can still hardly believe it; it's even crazier that it's in amazing condition for being 30 years old

I'll get around to doing some proper clips eventually :rock:


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M@tt C

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Just finished this.....the "A" rig is a Friedman Runt 50 with the MPX-1 in the loop for time based FX (had to use the mixer to create a parallel path for the Lexicon), "B" rig is using the Chameleon as a standalone "all in one" preamp/ time based FX/ direct out to PA/ IEMs unit for rehearsals or emergency gig backup, the "C" rig is the Chameleon as a preamp into the Lexicon with the Runt as a power amp. Units directly below the Furman are a Shure PT3 transmitter for my IEMs and a Shure GLXD14 receiver for my wireless.

Fun stuff!