Torpedo Captor X - which impedance to get?


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I need some help in figuring out which Torpedo Captor X version to get - 8 ohm or 16 ohm
I have the following amps:
(1) Suhr Badger 18 head with 4 ohm(1-4 ohm or 2-8 ohm) and 8 ohm(1-8 ohm or 2-16 ohm) out. I run this with a 1x12 Cab with 8 ohm speaker
(2) Morgan MVP 23 1x12 combo with a 16ohm out and 2 parallel 8 ohm out, which i run with a 16ohm speaker
Can I get the torpedo 8 ohm and run it with just 1 of the parallel outs of the morgan? Can i then connect the speaker out of the 8 ohm captor x to the 16 ohm speaker of the morgan combo?

And if i get a 16 ohm torpedo, i can run the morgan combo safely but is there anyway to run the suhr then, since it only has 4 ohm and 8 ohm outputs??

I do want to run the amps attenuated into a speaker cab and i'd love to be able to run both amps through 1 torpedo captor x.

I wish the Torpedo was switchable impedance wise.

Your advise is appreciated



Hello Sid

With the information of your setup, the best choice is the Torpedo Captor X Ohms.
As both your amps have an 8 ohms output and one of your cab is 8 Ohms too, it is the best choice.

For the 16 Ohms cabinet, there is only one situation where you will have an impedance mismatch - when you will use the cabinet with the amp using the 8 Ohms output, AND that the Volume Level switch on the Captor X is on FULL. This setting of the switch bypasses the load box and the attenuator of the Captor X, and only the impedance of the cabinet matters in that case.

As you always want to run your amps through the attenuation, you will always be with an 8 Ohms load with the Torpedo Captor X.

A switchable impedance device would not have given such a compact unit.