Update on Splatter and COV-19


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I don't ever post here and normally am in the main "Rig-Talk" forum but wanted to give you guys an update since Splatter originally posted here about going into the hospital.

Like you guys, a bunch of us were getting worried that we hadn't heard anything about him for over a month now. Someone who recently had a gear purchase interaction with him had his address so did a search on his name, etc. and unfortunately an obituary came up.

We are 99% sure it is him although none of us have met him in person. Based on info like age, location, and his FB pic of a guitar matching one he posted here, etc., we are pretty certain it is him. There is a link to the obituary in the top link about Splatter in the "Rig-Talk" forum. Heartbreaking but his last words were "if not, see you on the other side". Pretty sure he knew with his breathing condition, he might not make it.

He just happened to be getting a guitar built by Chubtone, due a month before mine is supposed to be done. I contacted Curt to give him a heads up. Although we never met the guy in person, he was a RT brother and active here and seemed to be an awesome dude. R.I.P.


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Thank you for the update Romanian.

Absolutely tragic if indeed it's him.

Yes, he was struggling & contemplating the near future of playing in a band etc etc.....

I sincerely hope he is at peace and truly resting.

R.I.P our friend and RT brother.