What a freaking solo - TASTY



Don't skip, listen to the whole track.
I never knew the girl could sing like that !!!!

The girl is bringing rock to the teeny bopper age group.
Nothing cooler in my book :rock:


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Justin Derrico is a monster player!
Took my daughter to see Pink in Oakland on this tour and then bought the Funhouse Tour DVD.
Great band, incredible acrobatics and theatricality. She knows how to put on a spectacle. :rock:


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Wow... These comments, on this particular forum is high praise for Pink indeed. :)


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So good it hurt. What an amazing, pro, together band. It's why Zakk leaves me cold now when you have guys like this who can do what he does and 20 other things and with so much more taste and flavor. He threw in just enough speedy licks where Zakk would have repeated the same phrase at lightning speed for half of this guys solo time :LOL: :LOL: That whole concert is truly epic for entertainment value.

I wonder what kind of acoustic emulator he was using?


pretty smooth phrasing choices in there - drumming was a bit too much for my tastes, but pretty cool version


maddface":r3439ok2 said:
Anyone know what he is using for acoustic sim? Gotta be the best sounding one ive heard.

At 6:06 of the vid there is a side view of a pedal board and there looks to be a darker yellowish Boss pedal.

AC-2 or 3 maybe?

I have the 3 and love it.


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Nice! I always knew Pink was a talented singer, so no surprise on that one to me. At first I thought the solo was pretty standard, but it as you listen it is just tasty lick after lick without just being the same thing over and over.

I would not mind being in a pop band as long as I could do some killer riffs and rip some solos here and there. That is of course, as long as the lead singer can actually SING, no Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus crap.


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Bogner 4x12's in the background - what's he using for heads, anyone??? :dunno:

Uber tasty tone - loved it. Great post :thumbsup: