What's Cooking?

I like a burger, but have never had a Subway, or pizza from the pizza places or kebab.
The best pizza that I ever had was cooked by Nobby Mr Mo.
Spoiled me for other pizzas.
I’m attempting to cook a dish I had when I visited Germany called Sonne-Bowl with marinated salmon trout, pickled vegetables, and vegetable spaghetti, along with some other ingredients. I hope it turns out well, as my parents are coming to visit today and I want to impress them with my cooking skills. When I visited Riwa restaurant in Bavaria, I found this recipe to be so delicious and unique and knew I wanted to try it. So I checked the menu online at https://www.riwa-restaurant.de/de/ to see the ingredients. I also found versions of this recipe online that have some other ingredients than those used by the restaurant, but I want it to turn out as close to the restaurant’s recipe as possible.
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Wife and I bought a wok months ago. Never done stir fry but wanted to start making them since they can be cheap, easy, delicious, and healthy. I grew up with bagged stir fry from the frozen section so I wanted to up the ante.

First go last night and it turned out damn good. I decided to not use super high heat like you're supposed to because I didn't want to deal with the smoke. Marinated chicken, eggs, broccoli, jasmine rice, and some basic seasonings. Motivated by clearing out some stuff in the freezer. I'm sure the more I do it, the more expansive I'll get with what goes in. (the bottled yellow sauce is gross btw - nothing like what you actually get at the restaurant).

I could see myself making a huge batch of this for an entire week of work lunches.

I rarely cook because I don't have time for it. Therefore, today for me it is just a vegetable salad that I prepared in 10 minutes:D🥗🥗🥗. I really want to take care of my health, but because I don't have much time to cook, I can't. I drink vitamins that I buy on Canadian Pharmacy Online . I hope that I will have more time and I will be able to eat better and feel healthier
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Yup, some of them are pretty-"smart", but just about all of them exhibit easily-recognisable patterns.

I just bant the "dude" 'cause "he" hasn't answered my 2 posts to him and it's been 3 weeks. :rock: