EGNATER tourmaster 4212 facelift


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Hi folks, a happy new year to you all.

First of all nice to be part of this great guitar community.
I have been around a lot of musical gears for a long time now, not only owning them but also playing different instruments.
Even have been playing around with recording softwares and audio interfaces. Doing a complete band PA setup is one of my favorite things to do.

Due to Covid I had a lot of free time on my hand and decided to spend it on learning the concept of Modeling Amps and even have bought some Line 6 hardware gear to implant the learning in to practice, and found out that an old dog still can learn some new tricks.
Also bought me a Guitar rig software to explore that side of moon and is loving all this for me new possibilities and technology. Have watched and read a lot about comparisons between the Real deal and the Modeling development (Specially tube ams).
Then I remembered that I had a Egnater Tourmaster 4212 in the attic for a couple of years now at a friend house due to an enormous humming issue.

I thought you know what let me try again to revive this old friend and give it a new "custome" look. After some deep research I was able to fix the humming issue( Bad V7 tube). Now that it sounded like a charm I wanted to look like a charm. The two tone vinyl was all teared up, so it had to come off.

After looking into a couple of new "tuxs" options, the choice was finally made to change the old chique look in to a robust one.
Seeing my taste for metal music has influenced me a lot into creating this end result. Some may like it or maybe not and you know what, it even feels like its sounding a bit better now hahahaha.

Greetings from a sunny island.