Favourite speaker for a high gain 112 combo


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I use (2) of the Eminence Legends that Soldano use in their cabinets. They are very similar I think to a V30 without the harshness. Also, I'm no speaker expert, but I've read that this speaker has the QTS parameter to work in an open or closed back cabinet. I've found that you get a good bass response that is not overly loose.


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Have a Creamback 75 in my DSL40c. Sounds so good. I regularly am asked what speaker is in it. I do like the Creamback 65's as well and have them in a 2x12 cab. But for a 1x12, I prefer the 75...


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sgill72":3a1h1kz3 said:
If your a GB guy...definitely the Creamback M65. It's a higher wattage version with some attributes which really make it excel in a combo.

I use one in my Friedman Smallbox combo and it absolutely kills.

The Lynchback came across to me as a little darker than I prefer. But this was in a 2x12 cabinet, never tried it in the SB combo. So take that for what it's worth.

Serious question: how is your hearing? An m65 is a toppy speaker esp in a 1x12.

Claiming a lynchback is dark, you may have some upper register hearing issues.

I'd def go with the 75 watt creamback in a 1x12. Better low end to make up for the lack of oomph in a 1x12. Thats why I think his original speaker is a good shout. Lots of low end and the slight scoop helps combat the boxy mids issue.


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Neo creamback. Lightens up a small combo for travel, takes higher wattage, and sounds great...


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I realize it's a necro, but I love the Scumback M65 with my Archon 25. It opened up the amp so much and breathed life into it.

EV12L are great speakers. A Thiele sounds killer with them for being a 1x12.

Donnie B.

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A Thiele sounds killer with them for being a 1x12.

Be careful with a Thiele. If you're only using a 1 x 12 I'm assuming you don't have a lot of space to fill with sound.
In a small room a Thiele or ported cab (I had a Bogner cube) can easily be too bassy. And I'm found that open back cabs
work better in very small rooms because the sound coming from the cab isn't so focused.

2 cents from my experience. YMMV.