New Avenged Sevenfold... not what I was expecting. UPDATED


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Wow dude, that was really really awesome.

I had a lot of thoughts about it. First I will say I could only listen, at work and can't watch the video. The lyrics were hard to grasp because I was paying attention to the music but it seems like the song may be about their previous drummer?

I absolutely love Syn's guitar playing. The lots of minor almost classical style is really awesome.

So the first half of the song was cool, great intro but then yeah the first couple of verses sounded like the very typical Ax7 from the past few years with a cool heavy riff mixed in but then the song just kind of drifted and that to me is when it got really really awesome.

When that first solo came in and they just changed the feel it was great, then the acoustic part in the middle. Really liked this a lot. It might not have made sense regarding basic theory which can be odd but I am glad they did it and I am glad the song was lengthy.

I guess it made me feel better about my writing. Not that I am on the same level but more like cool, you do not have to stick to the rules as long as it flows.

Definitely need to check it out again and watch the video. I will say as a negative the vocals did not do it for me. I usually like his singing and it usually fits but to me he seemed a little out of place for most of the song.

Very awesome though overall, thanks for posting dude.


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candletears7":397bosvu said:
Great track. Never really listened to these guys much. That dude can shred. Great singer too.

You should really check out everything they have done. They are really really good.

When they first started they were borderline metalcore. They were not the heaviest in the world but the always have shredded and used to be more metal.

Then the singer basically messed up his vocal chords and was told he had to stop screaming if he wanted to speak when he was older so they completely changed their style. Some say they sold out but I say they did what they had to do to make it work and the results were really good.


Good stuff. City of Evil was amazing. I thought they totally phoned it in on Hail to the King. Glad to see they're putting more effort into the new album.


Buried Alive is still my favorite song. I've been practicing the solo from M.I.A and have just about got it up to speed. Fuckin took forever. The solo for Bat Country is next on my list. I have a love hate thing going on with A7X.


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Bloodrock":fyhyzisv said:
Good stuff. City of Evil was amazing. I thought they totally phoned it in on Hail to the King. Glad to see they're putting more effort into the new album.

Agreed. Hail to the King seemed lazy and half-assed by their standards. There just wasn't anything special or inspired on that album. I'm really hoping that this is a close indication of what the rest of their new album sounds like. It's more like City of Evil, which is exactly what I had hoped for.

I read somewhere that this is a rough mix and that this version of the song isn't final; that would make sense, because some of the levels and transitions seem a bit off to me, as if it wasn't 100% mastered.

That being said, I've listened to the song a lot and it's definitely grown on me. They've gotten out of the box a bit more and started being adventurous rather than safe again. I mean, what band has an eight and a half minute song as their first single? Plus, this one doesn't sound as "radio friendly" as the songs on Hail to the King (you can tell how much I like that album). Shadows' voice does seem a bit strained, and I have concerns about him going forward as he injured it years ago and he is getting older. The guitar playing is amazing though; they've definitely returned to that melodic minor shredding that they do so well. Loved the Spanish guitar outro, reminded me of Sidewinder. Brooks Wackerman, their new drummer, killed it on this track too, and they seem to be gelling pretty well with him as opposed to Arin Ilejay, who always seemed to be out of place.

But what takes the cake is the music video, which helps explain this song so much musically. It's almost like they wrote the song for the video, rather than vice versa. Spoiler alert: Hillary makes an appearance at the end, and not in a good way.


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...and I only liked Hail to the takes all sorts.

I read all the buildup to the new song, expecting it to be something way different that what I saw/heard.....and have to say (as someone else did)...this sounded pretty much like what I'd expect from them....unless you were expecting them to go in same direction as HttK! :)


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Fuck YES!! :rock:

The intro had me fearing that we're looking at a Critical Acclaim repeat, then my hopes sunk even further when Syn busted out the basic pentatonic tap that he demonstrated years back as a point to ridicule lazy unoriginal guitar players.

Then his taps go double time an octave high and there's this... 'slippery' feel that that he transitions into, not far removed from what you'd find in Andy Wood's playing. Rhythm guitar is more aggressive than it's ever been by a wide margin, as well.

I dig the hell out of it!


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keennay":1cy033be said:
I miss The Rev's drumming style.


Me too. He was a really special and talented musician, and something has been missing ever since his death. That being said, I feel like this is closer to the Avenged that existed when he was alive. Brooks Wackerman really brought it on this song, and I can't wait to hear how else he does.

The album's name will be Voltaic Oceans... sounds pretty progressive to me.


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Sounds cool. I'm optimistic about the album.

I hear the complaints about Hail to the King, but the intro to that song is still damn fun to crank.

I passed on A7X when they first came out because I'm not into metalcore, but someone from this board actually convinced me to check out Nightmare. Good call, RT brother, because that is a pretty sweet album.


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Finally watched the video. Was really awesome. Only what was controlling the skeleton at the very end? :p

Watching the vid made the vocals more fitting for some odd reason.
I'm really not sure about that song. I always loved A7X, but that song gives me the feeling that they are maybe trying to hard at being "epic"...? Hadn't had a chance to listen to the hole album though, so it is to early to judge.