VHX Help - firmware/presets

Just sent a message, but I figure maybe others might chime in. I'm using the Morningstar MC8 and would love to see a control change code to jump up a preset and down a preset. I'd also like to see a toggle FX only, leaving the preloop on.

What I've done was set up my controller for 6 presets or so, and then have one tuner preset, one for toggling FX. I could double button another control change code and kill the FX only, leaving preloop, should I wanna run a pedal still.

I will add the requested CC for the next beta release, togheter with per effect CC control (every effect has a dedicated toggle CC message)
Thank you for your feedback ?


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I've never used MIDI but is this easy to set up? I use the Columbus floorboard which is an expensive channel switcher it seems. I'm just looking for something to turn effects on and off. Is this easy with a midi pedal?


you will need a midi pedal that can send PC (Program Changes) as well as CC /Control Changes).
so you can sent the PCs to switch a channel on the VHX (or any other midi amp) the CCs to turn effects on/off or change volume etc....

honestly spoken (and I am basically not a huge fan of this company) but from the possibilities a very cheap start would be the FCB1010

I use it since over 20 years now, and it works perfect (unfortunately the programming of the floorboard is a little bite like breakdance)...

but it works perfect with the VHX, as an example, you can set it up to change channels via 1-5 foot switch, and 6-10 can simply control single effects to turn of or on.. might be something you are looking for...


Regarding pc / cc foot controllers, in addition to the FCB1010, the old Rocktron Midimates can do it too and be found pretty cheap. Warning: they are not fun to program. There is no midi in or usb, so all of the programming is done with the footswitches. If you spend $5k on an amp, I think it is worth the extra money to buy a Morningstar, Ground Control, or similar controller that has an app or webpage to program it remotely. I'm thinking of upgrading my Rocktron just so I don't have to keep updating the patches the hard way.


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I’m only looking to fx on and off. So I deed 6 switches. Will the Sungular sound or any like this just be plug and play? Can I easily set it up with the Midi software?