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    Green, black, or NY? Is it worth hunting down a Russian one, or just get a newer NY one and be done with it? Getting into stoner lately.
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    Randall Diavlo When?

    Anybody actually know when these will hit the streets? I tried to score an RD50 at the blowout price, and the bastards took my money and said backordered. I've played along for awhile hoping i'd get an RD45, but now about ready to make them give me my money back before they declare backruptcy.
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    Anderson locking tuners?

    What's the trick to these things? Fucking most retarded design i've ever seen! :doh:
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    Atomica & deferent power tubes

    First off, the stock tubes are a pretty good combo! :rock: I was skeptical about not having SED's in there, BUT suprise suprise the ARS JJ tubes sound better. Makes me wonder if the amp wasn't tweaked around these tubes? Anyways the SED's were tolerable, but just something missing in the...
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    Any clips or pics of the Atomica or Old Bitch for/from NAMM?

    19th to 22nd, so maybe early? Not sure when they get going across the street at the hotel? But yea, pics now damnit! :gethim: :lol: :LOL:
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    Hetfield Black Fang pick?

    Anybody use these? They look pretty cool, .94 Ultex with the jazz point.
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    what kind of Iron does Wizard use?

    top secret or common knowledge? Love that Wizard crunch! :rock:
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    Super Bass vs Super lead?

    which circuit would you rather have for a 12 Series, and why? or thoughts in general between the two?
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    Duncan 35th Anniversary JB?

    anybody try one? maybe hype, but it's a single wire and some other old school stuff. hoping they brought back some mojo, as people claim the older JB's are better?
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    hope you get your Hagen today Uncle Mo

    Happy Canada Day! :rock: iz6KR6HVYok
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    8 ohm or 4 ohm load for VH4?

    which do you prefer? what little messing around i've done, i'm thinking i'm gonna go with 8ohm, as in two 16ohm cabs.
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    strings for drop C or lower?

    what do you use and/or like? was thinking i'd go with a 56 for the low E, but then i saw a set they're claiming speacial made for Drop C with a 60. would 60 be too much string?
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    How about Cameron Front Loaded Cabs?

    Mark like front loads? maybe front loads for the CCM?
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    Red Plating!

    if anybody remembers, i've been messing with a 1987X modded by Dirk Baldringer. anyways, went to put new tubes in it, and figured out it had a bad screen grid resistor. replaced the bad resistors and got her fired up, and the thing will try to Red Plate with the amp properly biased up or...
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    Budda Mark Nason amp?

    anybody try one of these? they look pretty cool.