Stop teasing us, Joe Holmes!


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When's this album going to drop??

Teaser #3. The man's got some sick tone..

By far one of my fave guitarists still out there doing his thing. Surprised to see a couple Lesters - not just in hand but on the sofa in the back as well. Was for sure expecting the ol' beat to shit Strats with the odd fork poke holes and missing pups :2thumbsup:

Dude's incredible.


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Ive not been this excited in a long time for a new music release. Joe is one of the last few to play and sound like he does. Not to mention the Randy Rhoads connection which I hear in some of his playing and the delayed sounds. Also his use of old Marshalls, Les Pauls and Strats is cool to me.


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Yes it does...if AIC went in a little more metal direction. The first Farmikos album has the same vibe.
I think my first thoughts when I got the cd was it's like ozzy/aic/soundgarden meshed. Not a bad place to be.
It's good to see him being more active on FB, sharing gear stories and stuff. Can't wait to hear some new tunes.