What's up with Pantera , I just don't get it .


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Pantera is not heavy metal to me they're much more along the lines of what I consider death metal which I'm not a fan of personally but I know many are . I have always viewed heavy metal as bands like Priest and Maiden . I think it's because the singer for Pantera is so much different than Dickenson and Halford and reminds me much more of the death metal vocalists than heavy metal .

what about you folks ?
It's all heavy metal bro.

They are definitely not death metal. The singing has characteristics of death metal vocals, and the thrash riffs may/can be similar but that's about it. Just like Killswitch Engage and Slipknot are not death metal either. Some metal that I do not consider heavy metal is stuff like hair metal - which is more hard rock with staccato riffing? I see heavy metal as more an over-arching genre that all the other subgenres fit under (generally).